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[Industry News] Gear accuracy is also graded?[ 2016-09-05 ]
Gear accuracy is also graded?1, the gear accuracy is mainly to control the gears in the transmission between the gears of precision, such as: smooth t...
[Industry News] Reducer poor oil or oil pressure is too large to easily lead to oil sp...[ 2016-09-05 ]
Reducer oil leakage is a common problem, oil leakage may be due to box quality problems, oil quality problems, oil seal quality problems, inside and o...
[Industry News] The development trend of gear reducer[ 2016-09-05 ]
The world's reducer has a considerable development, and the development of new technological revolution is closely related to the production of ou...
[Industry News] Precision forging technology in the manufacture of auto parts[ 2016-09-05 ]
Precision forging technology with high efficiency, low cost, low energy consumption, high quality, etc., in the production of automotive parts are bei...
[Industry News] Precision forging forming technology and its application[ 2016-09-05 ]
Precision forging forming technology, also known as near-net or near-net forming technology refers to the parts after forming, only a small amount of ...
[Industry News] Scientific development of cold extrusion technology has had a signific...[ 2016-09-05 ]
At present, China has been able to lead, tin, aluminum, copper, zinc and its alloys, low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, tool steel, low alloy stee...
[Industry News] Positive extrusion, reverse extrusion and composite extrusion are the ...[ 2016-09-05 ]
Precision cold extrusion is the metal blank on the cold extrusion die cavity, at room temperature, through the press on the fixed punch to the blank p...
[Industry News] Research on Precision Forging Process of Spur Gear[ 2016-09-05 ]
In 1987, Tuncer C of Birmingham University put forward the idea of floating forging hollow parts, and summarized the various points of manufacturing a...
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