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Scientific development of cold extrusion technology has had a significant impact

Article Source: Popularity:Issuing time:2016-09-05 11:01:09

At present, China has been able to lead, tin, aluminum, copper, zinc and its alloys, low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, tool steel, low alloy steel and stainless steel cold extrusion, and even bearing steel, Aluminum alloy tool steel, high-speed steel, etc. can also be a certain amount of deformation of the cold extrusion. Manufacture of cold extrusion parts are a variety of, the most important up to 30 kg, the light is only 1 gram. In the use of mold materials, in addition to high-speed steel, bearing steel, high-carbon high-chromium alloy tool steel, but also a lot of new mold steel such as CG2, 65Nb, LD and so on. In the extrusion process parameter selection and mold structure design, the optimal design and computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD / CAM) were adopted to make the die structure more reasonable and the extrusion process parameters closer to reality. In the extrusion equipment, our country already has the design and manufacture of tonnage at all levels of extrusion press capacity. In addition to the use of general mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, cold extrusion presses, but also the successful use of friction presses and high-speed high-energy equipment for cold extrusion production.

The development of science, cold extrusion technology has had a significant impact, in particular, is the computer in the process analysis, mold design, manufacturing and process control of the application of cold extrusion technology impact. China will further develop the application of this new technology. The development of cold extrusion technology should mainly proceed from the following aspects:

1. To expand the application of cold extrusion technology, in a certain range, and gradually replace the casting, forging, deep drawing and cutting;

2. To improve the precision and surface quality of cold extrusion parts to produce more complex geometric shapes of the workpiece;

3. To expand the types of raw materials used in cold extrusion, to study the more ideal surface treatment and lubrication methods;

4. Further use CAD / CAM and optimization design, improve and speed up the mold design and manufacture, develop a more reasonable mold structure;

5. To find more suitable for cold extrusion die materials and heat treatment methods used to extend the service life of the mold;

6. To further the development of hot extrusion, isothermal extrusion, hydrostatic extrusion and high-speed extrusion and other new technology research and application;

7. Develop a multifunctional cold extruder suitable for cold extrusion, which enables blanks and parts to be safely and automatically fed and discharged to further improve productivity. 

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