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A certain Technology Co., Ltd. is a commitment to automotive gearbox forging blanket technology innovation-oriented enterprises.

Founded in 2008, covers an area of 100 mu, the existing production plant 4, the construction area of over 20,000 square meters. The company was founded at the beginning of that is based on "professional, innovative" production and management philosophy, built from 300 T to 1000 T forging production line four and two Qie cross rolling production line and two isothermal normal line, can produce gear box teeth, teeth Ring, gear teeth, input and output shafts, such as various types of forging pieces, both domestic production teeth, shaft rough can machining of multi-functional enterprises.

A certain Technology Co., Ltd. existing staff of more than 200 people (including machining), including more than 10 senior technical staff, 10 R & D personnel, has developed a dual-clutch 6DT35, 6DT25, hybrid transmission 6HDT35, 6HDT45, manual Transmission, 6T18, 5T14, 5T19, modern Dai Mosi T032E, TQ-EST and other products, mainly for BYD company, modern Dai Mosi, Great Wall Company, GETRAG company, Ma Group, Lingong and other well-known domestic auto companies Supporting.

A certain scientific and technological Co., Ltd. of "quality-level" management philosophy, from product design, manufacturing are using CAD / CAM / CAE and other related software, all kinds of testing equipment, complete testing equipment, testing center equipped with direct reading spectrometer , Imaging device, Brinell, Rockwell hardness tester, and other key detection equipment.

Product positioning in the sophisticated, professional, adhering to the "customer first, service first" philosophy, the pursuit of customer satisfaction is our eternal goal.

A certain scientific and technological Co., Ltd. based on long-term service for the automotive industry to high-quality products, reasonable prices, accurate delivery, good service return old and new customers, through years of stable operation, the company has been new and old customers Recognized and repeatedly been rated as "private technology enterprises in Anhui Province" and adopted the ISO / TS16949: 2009 Quality Management System Certification

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