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Research on Precision Forging Process of Spur Gear

Article Source: Popularity:Issuing time:2016-09-05 11:00:03

In 1987, Tuncer C of Birmingham University put forward the idea of floating forging hollow parts, and summarized the various points of manufacturing and use of forging die without flying edge, and designed various molds. Nagai Y proposed the use of preformed cups as a blanking tool for cold forging of certain cylindrical gears by means of four steps of drawing, shaping, thinning and compressing to achieve cold forging of cylindrical gears with larger countersinks . MHSadeghi, University of Tarbiat Modarxes, Tarimat, UK, and TADean, University of Birmingham, UK, systematically studied spur and helical gears using floating die principle molds, including the choice of mold structure, the influence of gear size accuracy, the plastic forming force And the relationship between friction coefficient, gear modulus, width, release force and friction coefficient, forming force, forming temperature, pressure angle and number of teeth. Germany Th. Herlan to 20MnCr4 straight bevel gear as an example, using a warm forging cold forging composite forming process, the process is: cutting - induction heating (850 ℃) - forging - hardening treatment - Finishing. First, the initial bar is heated, upset, peened and heated to 850 ℃, sent to the 12.5MN mechanical press forging, and then shot peening and surface phosphating, saponification treatment, the last in the 12.5MN hydraulic machine for cold forging, And gives a cold forging die simple diagram.

Shandong University Zhang Qingping et al. Studied the tooth profile design of the cold forging process of the two-step forming spur gears, and modified the modular method and the displacement method to design the tooth profile of the final forging and pre-forging die, respectively. Qingdao Polytechnic University, Tian Fuxiang and others on the spur gear forging hot forging a deep study, given the fast gear forging hot forging forming a practical mold structure, discusses the mold design, assembly and use of the problem, the mold Using strong stripping device, so that the forging at the end of the moment immediately from the punch, to solve the forging die punch will be the key technical problems. Zhang Zhimin, Zhang Baogong, who put forward a new method, that is, radial gear shunt forming, warm forging and cold extrusion plastic composite method, and a tractor for the gear as an example, to create the gear accuracy Up to IT8. The new spur gear forming technology can make the gears with large modulus and gear teeth fill the teeth under low deformation force. The process is as follows: the initial forming of the gear teeth is firstly made with moderate temperature Forged, and then made by cold forming high-precision gears. In order to avoid the defects of the gear during the plastic forming process, a new radial forming technology is proposed. The larger deflection angle is designed in the length direction of the die. By the deflection gradient, the billet Is pushed along the slope, while the radial flow of metal, gear tooth bottom of the remaining metal flow to the top gear, the gear is filled shape. FENG Chong-qian According to the experimental research on the upsetting process of the spur gears, a new forming technology, the upsetting upsetting process of the floating die, is put forward for the key technology of the precision forging process of the spur gear. Forging gears of agricultural vehicles in Anyang Gear Factory were designed and designed, and the forming process was researched. Yanshan University, Zhao Jun, who use the plastic forming fan forming method of spur gear, and after forming the gear of the microstructure were analyzed from the forming organization to verify the feasibility of the process. Jiang Ying, who used the rolling equipment for rolling the study of the gear, obtained only need to replace the wheel, you can use for small and medium modulus of the cylindrical spur gear, cylindrical helical gears and other processing, the processing technology is simple, Production efficiency, processing quality.

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