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The development trend of gear reducer

Article Source: Popularity:Issuing time:2016-09-05 11:03:00

The world's reducer has a considerable development, and the development of new technological revolution is closely related to the production of our general trend of the development of reducer is as follows:

The first point, after the improvement of the reducer with a high level and high performance characteristics. Cylindrical gear is generally practical quenching and grinding of the way, carrying capacity can be increased more than four times, the gear reducer itself has a small size, low noise, light weight, high efficiency and reliable performance.

Gear reducer is used in a similar way to the combination of blocks in the combination of priority when the basic parameters, so the size and specifications are quite neat. Parts in the replacement of the above is also quite convenient, this structure facilitates the expansion of the machine structure and pattern of renovation, which can organize production and reduce production costs.

The form of this machine is diverse and can change a variety of styles. This eliminates the need for a traditional single base installation that can add hollow shaft suspension and floating support bases, multi-directional mounting surfaces, and so on, to expand the field of machine use.

Since the reform and opening up, China has never stopped in industrial production machinery research and technology research, is bound to break the monopoly of foreign countries on our industry and contain.

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