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[Concerns] The Development of Gear Industry in China[ 2016-09-12 ]
China's gear industry in the "Tenth Five-Year" period has been rapid development: the gear industry in 2005 the annual output value of 24 billion ...
[Concerns] Advantages of timing belt pulleys[ 2016-09-12 ]
Synchronous pulley drive is composed of an inner circumferential surface with equidistant teeth of the closed loop tape and the corresponding composit...
[Concerns] Distortion Control of Carburizing and Quenching of 17CrNiMo6 Steel Hea...[ 2016-09-12 ]
Due to the development of modern industry, the requirement of mechanical parts for gear transmission is more and more high, which requires comprehensi...
[Concerns] The tooth surface of the large gear is subjected to carburizing and qu...[ 2016-09-12 ]
Large gear material does not meet the 20CrNi2MoA steel alloying element composition (especially the Ni element content is not enough), and more in lin...
[Concerns] Causes the reason which the big gear processing tool wears[ 2016-09-12 ]
1. Hard spot wearThe workpiece material contains hard points higher than the hardness of the tool material, in the cutting process on the soft base of...
[Concerns] The forging process of small gear ring[ 2016-09-12 ]
Automotive rear axle driven gear automation (small and medium-sized ring) Forging production line Automation of multi-station press, grinding ring aut...
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