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Advantages of timing belt pulleys

Article Source: Popularity:Issuing time:2016-09-12 11:31:50

Synchronous pulley drive is composed of an inner circumferential surface with equidistant teeth of the closed loop tape and the corresponding composition of the pulley. During the movement, the toothed belt meshes with the cogging of the pulley to transmit the movement and power. It is a kind of meshing transmission, and thus has the advantages of gear transmission, chain drive and flat belt drive.

Synchronous belt can be divided into neoprene and fiber rope timing belt, polyurethane plus steel timing belt, according to the shape of the tooth is divided into trapezoidal teeth and arc teeth two categories, according to the arrangement of the tooth surface can be divided into For the single-tooth tooth belt and double-sided timing belt. Synchronous belt drive with accurate transmission ratio, no slip, a constant ratio can be obtained, precision transmission, smooth transmission, shock absorption, noise, transmission speed ratio range, generally up to 1:10, allowing line speed Up to 50m / s, transmission efficiency, generally up to 98 ℅-99 ℅. Transmission power from a few watts to hundreds of kilowatts. Compact structure also applies to multi-axis transmission, tension is small, no lubrication, no pollution.

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