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The forging process of small gear ring

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Automotive rear axle driven gear automation (small and medium-sized ring) Forging production line Automation of multi-station press, grinding ring automatic connection Automobile rear axle driven gear forging production field has been in continuous development, many state-owned enterprises to technological transformation needs Relatively strong, private enterprises due to financial bottlenecks and orders for the continuation of contact and other reasons, are also synchronized to explore the automated production line related issues. Zijin gears, Xixiwei bearings, Vermas bearings and other related businesses, field research and technical communication, the use of foreign relatively mature automation program for the domestic market, for the domestic market, The production needs of the products, providing the corresponding automated connection program. The following brief description, and hope that the guidance of experts to improve the parties.

With the increase in truck sales and strong demand for small and medium-sized ring, driven gear forging production should also keep pace with customer demand. With the rapid development of automobile industry, automobile driven gear with its demand for large, single product specifications, as a ring forming the main varieties of demand. At this stage of the car driven gear mostly forging rough, but the gear is shaped ring, so in its forging process, there are many forging, multiple heating, cutting margin and other issues. As the amount of turning processing is too large, resulting in waste of raw materials, lower utilization, business costs, so the decline in ring spare parts for ring forging enterprises to reduce costs an important means. There are two different forming processes in the domestic ring molding: one is the grinding and rolling machine, and the ring rolling machine is also called the reaming machine and the rolling ring machine. It is one of the special forming methods of the ring piece. Forging (carriage) molding. Rolling process and die forging process compared to material utilization increased by 2% to 5%. In order to improve the utilization of raw materials, reduce the ring forging process cost of production, improve the competitiveness of the ring forging enterprises. I communicate with each user units and organize the ring forging production cost estimates, for everyone to explore. Compared with die forging hammer technology, rolling ring process is more material than forging hammer process, from the design point of view, in addition to technology than the hammer forging technology part of the small process, the flash part of all the savings, such as Truck rear axle basin tooth forging Compared with the two processes, the use of rolling ring process than the forging hammer process to save 23% of the material. The energy consumption of the energy consumption is about 500 yuan / t, while the energy consumption is about 500 yuan / t, while the energy consumption is about 500 yuan / t, while the use of rolling ring forming process, the energy consumption is about 500 yuan / t, Saving more than half. (600mm × 50mm × 50mm ring pieces for example) purchase equipment comparison coal stove 2 sets, forging hammer 1 set, take the hammer ring machine and the horizontal grinding ring machine comparison of medium and small ring purchase equipment comparison table 2 sets of robots, 1 sets of horizontal grinding ring machine; investment of about 100 million 7 million 5-year depreciation calculation of 20 sets of equipment, Ton / year 1.4 million / year Operating cost 400 yuan / ton (labor) 100 yuan / ton (automation) Coal consumption / power consumption 400 yuan / ton 400 yuan / ton Product weight about 55.6kg (unilateral 5-7mm) 45.6kg ( Single side 2-4mm) product before consumption of the weight of 55.6 × 1.03 = 57.3kg 45.6 × 1.01 = 46kg monthly production / 6 hours × 30 days 200 tons of 500 tons of product general material price of about 7.3 yuan / kg 7.3 yuan / kg product quality We believe that investment in equipment, expansion of production, the use of automation programs, will optimize the production capacity, reduce reliance on the mechanic, the quality of stability also increased the same. At the same time also hope that all aspects of expert guidance communication.

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