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Causes the reason which the big gear processing tool wears

Article Source: Popularity:Issuing time:2016-09-05 11:07:27

1. Hard spot wear

The workpiece material contains hard points higher than the hardness of the tool material, in the cutting process on the soft base of the tool will be carved - a groove marks caused by mechanical wear. In the low-speed cutting, the hard spot wear is the main reason for tool wear.

2. Bond wear

The point of adhesion between the surface of the workpiece or chip and the tool surface, wear due to the relative movement of the particles on the tool side. Bond wear and cutting temperature, but also with the workpiece material and the affinity between the tool material.

3. Diffusion wear

At high temperatures, the workpiece material and tool materials in the affinity of the elements of the atoms, each other to spread to each other, so that the chemical composition of the tool material changes, weakening the cutting tool performance caused by wear.

4. Phase change wear

Tool material due to cutting temperature, to meet the intersection of temperature and the occurrence of microstructure changes, so that the hardness of the tool caused by wear and tear. Such as high-speed steel cutting tools, when the cutting temperature reaches phase transition temperature when the phase change wear and tear, loss of cutting performance. There are other reasons for tool wear: oxidation wear, thermochemical wear and electrochemical wear.

Because the large gear machining time, cutting temperature read high, the faster the tool wear, so the cutting temperature is the main reason for tool wear.

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