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Ring Forging Forging process which

Article Source: Popularity:Issuing time:2016-09-05 11:11:31

1. Billet surface and internal micro-cracks, forging to further expand;

2. blank in the organization of defects in the organization or improper thermal processing temperature, the plastic material decreased;

3. Forging, there is a large tensile stress, shear stress or additional tensile stress;

4. Deformation too fast, too much deformation.

Forged fold folds and metal flow line in the same direction, generally the end of a small rounded corrugation. But then forging deformation will cause the collapse of the fold, so that the end of the crease was sharp-shaped. General wrinkles on both sides of the oxidation and decarbonization of the phenomenon of heavier, in some cases there have been carbon phenomenon. Folding is the process of metal deformation has been oxidized in the surface layer of metal together to form. And raw materials and blank shape, the design of the mold, forming process arrangements, lubrication and forging the actual operation and so on. Folding not only reduces the load-bearing area of the parts, but also because of the stress concentration at work here tend to become a source of fatigue.

Flow through the flow line is a form of improper distribution. In the flow-through region, the original distribution into a certain angle flow line together. Through the flow area. Outer grain size difference is often more disparity The reason for the flow through the fold and similar, it is two metal or a metal with another metal convergence formed, but the flow part of the metal is still a whole. The mechanical properties of forgings are reduced, especially when the grains on both sides of the passband are different. Forging flow line distribution in the forging at low times on the flow line cut off, reflux, eddy current flow line disorder phenomenon.

Improper mold design or forging method selection unreasonable, prefabricated rough flow line disorder; 2. Improper operation and mold wear and tear to produce uneven flow of metal. Ferrite and pearlite, ferrite and austenite, ferrite and bainite as well as ferrite and martensite banding in the forging of a organization, they appear in Asia Eutectoid steel, austenitic steel and semi-martensitic steel. This structure, in the case of coexistence of two forging deformation; banding of the material can reduce the lateral plasticity index, especially the impact toughness. In the forging or parts often work along the ferrite band or two-phase interface at the crack. Shear zone forging low-lying on the horizontal wave-like fine-grained area appeared in titanium and low-temperature forging of high-temperature alloy forging. As the titanium alloy and high temperature alloy susceptibility to chilling, in the forging process, the blank contact surface near the deformation zone is gradually expanding, in the difficult deformation of the region caused by strong shear deformation. The results form a strong direction, so that the performance of reduced exercise parts. Carbide segregation level does not meet the requirements Uneven distribution of carbide, was massive distribution of concentrated or network distribution. This defect is mainly found in the Leydner die steel. Raw materials, poor grade carbide segregation, combined with forging than forging or forging method is not enough; with such defects forging, heat treatment when quenching easy to local overheating and quenching crack. Made of cutting tools and molds easy to use when the chipping blade. Forging organization remains in the forging organization, there is as-cast structure. Mainly in the use of ingot for blank forging. As-cast structure remains mainly in the forging of the difficult deformation zone forging is not enough and the forging method is improper. This defect reduces the performance of the forging, especially the impact toughness and fatigue properties. 

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