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Promote the adjustment of industrial structure change the development model is the focus of China's machinery industry

Article Source: Popularity:Issuing time:2016-09-05 11:10:53

China Machinery Industry Federation three times five members of the General Assembly held in Xiangyang. China Machinery Industry Federation executive vice president Cai Weici at the meeting pointed out that the outlook in 2013, China's machinery industry will run slightly faster than last year, the year is still expected to continue to achieve double-digit growth.

Although this year's domestic machinery industry is expected to moderate warmer, but the export situation is still not optimistic. By the market for structural adjustment and industrial upgrading of the Forced and other factors, China's machinery industry will continue to run low.

Demand growth slowed down, rising costs too fast, lack of innovation capacity and excess capacity and other factors is still the development of China's machinery industry, "variable." Only to resolve these unfavorable factors, China's machinery industry can be "turning crises into opportunities" and stable development.

Promote structural adjustment, change the mode of development will continue to be the focus of development of China's machinery industry this year. Combined with the reality of the machinery industry, highlighting the "five strategies"; namely: "to promote structural adjustment" in the prominent: the main high-end, solid foundation. In the "transformation of development" on the prominent: innovation-driven, two of integration, green for the first.

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