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China's machinery industry will gradually rebound from this year

Article Source: Popularity:Issuing time:2016-09-05 11:10:10

China's machinery industry the most difficult days may have passed. From the China Machinery Industry Federation was informed that the decline in the growth trend of the machinery industry has basically bottomed out, the future may continue to significantly decline is unlikely. According to the data show that from January to October 2012 total industrial output value of 14.9 trillion yuan of machinery industry, an increase of 11.91%, the growth rate of nearly 10 years (except 2009) to the lowest growth rate than in 2011 fell 13 Percentage points. At the same time, industrial added value, profits, exports, product output, investment in fixed assets and other five major economic indicators were down trend.

However, China Machinery Industry Federation official said that although the main economic indicators than in 2011, the significant growth rate down, but in 2012 can still achieve double-digit growth. "The growth rate of production and sales is expected to be around 14%; profit growth is expected to be around 5%; export growth is expected to be around 10%." At present, some leading indicators of the machinery industry show a positive signal, indicating that the machinery industry has good signs of economic operation , And this kind of good to contain innovation-driven, transformation and upgrading of the positive factors.

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