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Product reliability is a breakthrough in China's construction machinery parts industry

Article Source: Popularity:Issuing time:2016-09-05 11:09:11

At present, the domestic construction machinery parts of the product whether from the process, or the level of quality, technical level are uneven. Product technology and more in the low-end level, into the high-end core technology level for most of China's small and medium enterprises are undoubtedly a huge challenge. Eager to break through, but also difficult to find exports, many domestic enterprises thus caught in a dilemma. In this case,

In addition to the key technology constraints, the Chinese construction machinery parts with the gap between foreign products is another important aspect of its reliability. Small quantities of 10, 8 is reliable, the number of more than one is not reliable. Product reliability and management, process equipment, process routes are related. In general, the current factors affecting the reliability of China's supporting parts mainly raw materials, especially steel quality. Domestic construction machinery enterprises are generally not large scale, to the special requirements of steel purchase, others ignored. Technology and equipment with foreign countries also have gaps, foreign flexible production lines, each program has strict control. Heat treatment is also a problem. So that the reliability of the production of parts is not good, which led to the host can not improve the quality. Reliability problems are not resolved, the domestic accessories sold cheaper, the user will not buy it.

Local construction machinery parts into the high-end First of all, to get rid of the lack of product quality and stability of the defect, the words speak for themselves to overcome the core technology. Seamless docking with the world-class enterprises, blind large-scale network is clearly a bit "effortless thankless." Any country manufacturing industry development and growth will go through a difficult process, their own change, to create business, only down to earth!  

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