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The Development of Gear Industry in China

Article Source: Popularity:Issuing time:2016-09-05 11:05:40

China's gear industry in the "Tenth Five-Year" period has been rapid development: the gear industry in 2005 the annual output value of 24 billion yuan in 2000 increased to 68.3 billion yuan, the compound annual growth rate of 23.27%, China has become the basis of the largest pieces of machinery Of the industry. On the market demand and scale of production, the Chinese gear industry in the global ranking has more than Italy, ranking fourth in the world. In this case,

In 2006, China's total gear, transmission and drive components manufacturing enterprises realized a total industrial output value of 102628183 thousand yuan, up 24.15% over the same period last year; to achieve total product sales income of 98238240 thousand yuan, up 24.37% over the previous year; Total amount of 5665210 thousand yuan, than going up year of growth 26.85%. In this case,

From January to December 2007, all gear, transmission and drive components manufacturing enterprises in China achieved total industrial output value of 13,654,284,000 yuan, up 30.96% over the same period of last year; from January to October 2008, China's gear, transmission and drive components manufacturing Enterprises realized a total industrial output value of 144529138 thousand yuan, an increase of 32.92% over the previous year.

China's gear manufacturing industry, compared with developed countries, there are still insufficient capacity for independent innovation, new product development is slow, disorderly competition in the market, weak enterprise management, low level of information, practitioners to improve the overall quality and other issues. At present, the gear industry should enhance the industry concentration and form a batch of large, medium and small-scale enterprises with billions of yuan, 500 million yuan and 100 million yuan of assets through market competition and integration. Through the independent intellectual property product design and development, The formation of a number of vehicle transmission system (gearbox, drive axle assembly) lead enterprises, with the lead enterprises supporting the ability to integrate the gear industry's ability and resources to achieve professional, network support, the formation of a large number of unique technology, Products and rapid response capability of the brand-name enterprises; through technical innovation, modernization gear manufacturing enterprises in transition. In this case,

"Eleventh Five-Year" at the end of China's gear manufacturing industry with annual sales of up to 130 billion yuan, per capita sales rose to 650,000 yuan / year, ranking the world's second in the world. 2006-2010 will add 100,000 sets of equipment, that is used annually for new equipment investment of about 6 billion yuan, the new machine tool 2 million units, the average unit price of 300,000 yuan each. By 2010, China's gear manufacturing industry should have a total of about 40 million kinds of machine tools, including CNC machine tools 10 million units, 25% of NC (higher than the machinery manufacturing industry average 17%).

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